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Swedish Massage - Our Swedish Massage is meant to induce deep relaxation and soften tightness and knots in superficial muscle. It is very therapeutic and relieves muscle stress and tension. Pressure is light to medium.

60 Minutes/ 85.00

90 Minutes/ 125.00

Deep Tissue Massage - Our Deep Tissue Massage lengthens shortened muscles and increases range of motion. The therapist works superficial to deep to relax chronically tight muscles . Stretching is also incorporated. 

60 Minutes/ 100.00

90 Minutes/145.00


Deep Tissue w/ trigger point and stretching - Trigger point therapy is a specialty and is very detailed work. They are an extremely common cause of pain and cause referral patterns. EX: Having a chest pain that wraps from the scapula area to the chest is typical of a trigger point in the rhomboids.  The therapist will find these points and hold them to alleviate the referral pattern and relax hypertonic muscles. This therapy is going to be 

less relaxing then the others but it is very effective. It may take more then a few treatments and we will work out affordable packages with clients who need multiple treatments. This is a great treatment for athletes, chronic pain, car accident or slip and fall clients.  

60 Minutes/ 125.00

90 Minutes / 180.00

Reflexology and Acupressure Facial - Our Reflexology treatment begins with a a facial massage using a nourishing facial massage lotion with focus on acupressure points. This induces extreme relaxation and it is wonderful for the sinuses. The therapist then focuses on the reflex points of the feet. The reflex points have been known to link every part of the body.

60 Minutes / 100.00

Aromatherapy - Our Aromatherapy Journey is complimentary with all treatments. Your therapist will have 3 to 5 essential oils for you to choose from. Usually the client is drawn to the one that will balance them out. It is used as an inhalation at the beginning and middle of your service as well as the scent placed in your face cradle during the treatment.

FREE with any service at your request. ( please ask for at scheduling )