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Seaweed  or Essential Oil                          Wrap

We have 2 choices for our body wraps either a seaweed gel for detoxifcation and remineralization of the skin or the essential oil wrap which helps eliminate excess water weight , bloated, balances hormonal issues and softens hydrates the skin.

60 Minutes/ 99.00

Manuka Honey and Lemon 
Sugar Scrub

This a wonderful treatment to exfoliate,brighten and soften dry , aging, pigmented skin. Honey is extremely hydrating and the added lemon helps to fade age spots and freckles overtime.

60 minutes/ 99.00

Sea Salt Glow w/ Essential 

This is a blend of essential oils and sea salts

used to slough off dry skin cells. The therapist will apply the product in a circular motion until skin comes to a rosy glow. The client then showers and a light nourishing oil is massaged

to hydrate the skin.

60 minutes / 99.00